Ever since the dawn of the internet, the way society view dating and how to go about snatching a hot date, has changed.

Before the digital age, there were a lot of ways to meet people and get to know them, but it wasn’t easy to do so at all.
If traditional dating involved going up to someone, introduce yourself and then spiking up some conversation to keep the person intrigued and wanting to get to know you even better, then what would you have done if you were shy? Laid back, socially awkward, an introvert and my favourite, anti-social.

Whatever your personality traits may be, not everyone finds that talking to people is easy, especially strangers.
When it comes to online dating, however, you’re open to a more diverse range of, options. You can literally choose what type of girl or guy prefer by merely swiping right and rejecting the ones you don’t by swiping left. Sorry guys! Or, girls.


While some might view online dating to be an unhealthy way to start a relationship, it’s the fundamentals grounds of many successful relationships till this very day, and with the growth of technology and the famous dating sites, it’s easier to find a match than ever before.

Tips for Online Dating – What to Do and What Not to Do

• Don’t be arrogant, be confident. There is nothing more attractive than a guy with confidence, but there is also a fine line between how much confidence is too much confidence, which is exactly what girls try to avoid. When it comes to a girl, confidence is a green light, but again, too much confidence is generally more than guys can handle and a swipe to the left.

• Don’t be boring and don’t be cheesy either. As always, just be yourself, but don’t be boring. If you’re going to add to your bio that you like to hang out with your friends or hang out at the mall, who’s going to match with you? Can you imagine? Try to keep it interesting by explaining your hobbies, and what exactly what you find exciting.

• Don’t make a post without a photo. It is also something everybody must avoid. When someone matches you and don’t have a picture or a photo that doesn’t allow the person to be recognised, ask yourself, why and what that person has to hide. A big ‘no’ from the start.

• Don’t wait for the ideal guy to pop up. Even though we’re sure, he’s out there. It’s a dating site, and chances are, prince charming might not be that charming after all. Go with your gut and look for someone you can at least have decent conversations with, or perhaps even connect with differently.

• Don’t go for the best-looking person on the site. Chances are, everybody wants a piece of that pie.  Click here for more.

• If you don’t get messages right away, don’t freak out. Online dating shouldn’t be rushed; it should be enjoyed. Be sure also to get to know someone first before agreeing to a date.

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